We invented the lightweight aluminum Pie Jaw®.

The Abbott Pie Jaw® offers you the ability to make more accurate parts faster than you ever have before.

Standard soft jaws keep only three points of contact around the part. Constant chuck pressure could damage the part and at high rotations the part could deform between the contact points. Additionally, traditional soft jaws cannot be utilized on thin walled or odd shaped parts without modification .


The Abbott Pie Jaw® maintains 360 degrees of contact, so parts cannot deform, giving you a greater degree of accuracy. Our Pie Jaws® are designed to grip the part more effectively without distorting thin walled or odd-shaped parts.


Most of our Pie Jaws® are made from aerospace aluminum alloys. The light weight of the aluminum Pie Jaws® enables you to rotate your chuck faster than before, so you can turn parts faster with less wear and tear on your machine. Substantially lighter weight jaws enhance operation utilization and shop efficiency.

Concentricities and close tolerances are easily and consistently maintained. In addition, machine and tool life are significantly extended due to more effective application of coolants.

In fact, Pie Jaws® can be used in over three-quarters of all your turning operations.