Aluminum Hammers

Abbott aluminum hammers are the perfect alternative to lead, brass and plastic tipped hammers. Single piece cast construction gives maximum solidity and guarantees safety because head cannot separate from handle. The hammers are non-sparking, non-marring and have excellent vibration dampening characteristics that allow the handle to absorb impact forces instead of your hand. Abbott #0, #1 & #2 hammers are made from certified pure A100 aluminum, which makes them non-contaminating when working with exotic high temperature metals. Abbott #5, & #10 hammers are made from 713 Tenzaloy™ aluminum alloy, making them the perfect choice for heavy work where a more durable and forceful hammer is preferred, without sacrificing non-sparking and non-marring characteristics.

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Dimensions in inches unless otherwise noted • Raw casting weight in lbs.

Quote 0HAMMER A100 1" X 1 5/8" 12 1.4
Quote 1HAMMER A100 1 5/8" DIA 12 1.8
Quote 2HAMMER A100 2" DIA 13 3.3
Quote 5HAMMER 713 3" DIA 22 9.1
Quote 10HAMMER 713 4" DIA 29 16.3