4th Axis / Indexer Fixturing

Abbott’s round base tooling columns are designed for use with an indexer or 4th axis rotary table in vertical machining environments. They can be purchased as raw castings or with any level of machining desired.

Standard machined versions include holes in the base for mounting to the indexer table and a standard 60° tailstock center hole, for use with a live or dead center. For heavy duty applications where a shaft style tail support is used, adaptor plates, locating plugs and other custom components can be manufactured to provide a complete turnkey workholding solution.

Additionally, Abbott can design assemblies that integrate our columns with vises, clamps and workholding products from other manufacturers, providing a seamlessly integrated assembly.

Round Base Tooling Columns

(For Use With Indexers)

Standard Tooling Column Configurations

RAW–Tooling Column with overall height ss cast, base as cast and sides as cast.

BO (Base Only)–Tooling Column with overall height machined, base Mmachined to fit pallet and sides as cast.

BS (Base & Sides)–Tooling Column with overall height machined, base machined to fit pallet and sides machined to nominal dimension + .015" additional stock.

  • Add "BO" or "BS" to end of part number to denote Base Only or Base & Sides configurations.
  • Columns are designed to be machined to listed nominal dimensions.
  • As cast areas have additional stock.
  • Larger & smaller size bases available upon request.

Show dimensions in mm

Made with 713 Tenzaloy™ aluminum alloy

Dimensions in inches unless otherwise noted • Raw casting weight in lbs.

Quote D3621-6RB 3 21 6 6.5" DIA X 1.5" 52
Quote N412-6RB 4 12 4 6" DIA X 1" 28
Quote N420-12RB 4 20 4 12" DIA X 1.5" 61
Quote N428-15RB 4 28 4 15" DIA X 1.5" 90
Quote N620-12RB 6 20 6 12"DIA X 1.5" 103
Quote N637-12RB 6 37 6 12" DIA X 1.5" 177
Quote N675-12RB 6 75 6 12" DIA X 1.5" 340